Tax Credits and Rebates    
   Residential and Business

Local Energy Rebates and loan programs for Energy Efficient Geothermal Systems are still available in most areas. For more information on these programs- Contact us today!

There is new legislation in progress to extend or renew the Federal Tax Credits that recently expired. We will keep you informed as legislation progresses to see if you qualify for additional savings.


Trust your home to the specialists and enjoy the benefits and savings of renewable energy! Our goal is to help you conserve energy and save money! The initial installation price of a geothermal system may appear to be more than that of an air source system of the same heating and cooling capacity, but the additional costs can be returned by utilizing the tax credit and rebates combined with energy savings in as little as two-five years. In some instances a geothermal system investment costs the same as a traditional high efficiency system, but geothermal pay back is constant and ongoing.
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